Fastest Imposter Win Ever?

27 oct. 2020
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  • *JJ kills* “It’s JJ” *JJ doesn’t kill* “It’s JJ” *JJ doesn’t speak* “It’s JJ” *JJ is already dead* “It’s JJ”

    Chad MChad MAcum 9 Zile
  • JJ: I’m getting bullied Vik: am I joke to you

    CrezzaCrezzaAcum 12 Zile
  • Required a

    Vaishnav SahuVaishnav SahuAcum 12 Zile

    Tai BachTai BachAcum 15 Zile
  • ksi i still get bullied tobi you what mate

    thomas handthomas handAcum 15 Zile
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    Pawit NinnabodeePawit NinnabodeeAcum 19 Zile
  • Fastest one is 1 second

    viltusa viltusaviltusa viltusaAcum 19 Zile
  • Jj and milk wht a duo

    TyezlyTyezlyAcum 21 o Zi
  • what did jj say at the beginning of the video?

    •Overlord••Overlord•Acum 21 o Zi
  • Juos?

    Elie ChalhoubElie ChalhoubAcum 22 Zile
  • JJ: “I always get bullied” Vik: *laughs in among us*

    XortalzXortalzAcum 22 Zile
  • So badd lol

    KSN 300KSN 300Acum 24 Zile
  • Well I’ve had the fastest defeat ever

    yo boysyo boysAcum 25 Zile
  • can u please cod lobby freyz

    Anthony RussoAnthony RussoAcum 27 Zile
  • what did jj shout at the start of the Video.?

    Ghyas HaiderGhyas HaiderAcum lună
  • This lobby is racist They always vote out JJ lol

    Daniel Moura de AndradeDaniel Moura de AndradeAcum lună
  • Just like Toby changed his name so JJ can’t blame him, I strongly feel like Callux should do the same thing lmaoooo

    CheyenergyCheyenergyAcum lună
  • I was here.

    Luke BartekLuke BartekAcum lună
  • A

    Jai JaiJai JaiAcum lună
  • Will and ksi r imps JJ's dumb self suses his teammate

    Andre LunkayilaAndre LunkayilaAcum lună
  • تتتتتتت

    علی مقدسیعلی مقدسیAcum lună
  • jj is so stupid

    kaivonkaivonAcum lună
  • *I always get bullied* aw my heart 🥺🤍

    Dean WallDean WallAcum lună
  • sory but the fastest run is if you play with 3 imposters. sory

    Linus helanderLinus helanderAcum lună
  • I won a game as an imposter in one second

    Crazy AlexCrazy AlexAcum lună
  • My fastest win: Everyone leaves

    Ivan Neo Chen JunIvan Neo Chen JunAcum lună
  • James Marriott

    Fiji WaterFiji WaterAcum lună
  • Holy shit Wil was so dense round 1

    tykustykusAcum 2 luni
  • plz stop

    charlie stephenscharlie stephensAcum 2 luni
  • He hit 12 mil

    fincy francisfincy francisAcum 2 luni
  • My name is jeff

    MXL DANKMXL DANKAcum 2 luni

    the flaming tigerthe flaming tigerAcum 2 luni
  • I really read the title as 'Fattest imposter ever'

    Flemento MenaFlemento MenaAcum 2 luni
  • Lmao no hi I won a match under 50 seconds

    Raymond SpenceRaymond SpenceAcum 2 luni

    Theo LakeTheo LakeAcum 2 luni
  • JJ your all so mean to me also JJ calls out his imposter buddy when he has the chance

    Beans On toastBeans On toastAcum 2 luni
  • I cringe whenever JJ just stands there and doesn't vent instead runs away sometimes it triggers me😂😂

    Mary CarmenMary CarmenAcum 2 luni
  • my fastest win is 20 seconds....

    ohvirgilohvirgilAcum 2 luni
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    Andre RibeiroAndre RibeiroAcum 2 luni
  • When you finally get why someone is named mural. 😆!!

    Hutch BesoinsHutch BesoinsAcum 2 luni
  • JJ I bet you like getting willied

    Gabriel FlayGabriel FlayAcum 2 luni
  • 1:19 hi sisterrr lmaoo

    SterpiezSterpiezAcum 2 luni
  • The tidy asterisk ideally squeak because sailboat socially hop under a smooth triangle. quack, absurd frame

    Michael TangMichael TangAcum 2 luni
  • So many shameless plugs in this comment section, if I get likes they will come after me

    A M LlowA M LlowAcum 2 luni
  • The last game was incredible hhhhh

    Mustapha GhanemMustapha GhanemAcum 2 luni
  • jj: I get bullied also jj bullies vik

    Rsdabest07Rsdabest07Acum 2 luni
  • The amount of disrespect KSI faces when he plays among us is hilarious

    Hugh JanusHugh JanusAcum 2 luni
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    khaled aldoraeekhaled aldoraeeAcum 3 luni
  • The legendary duo

    Chamayi MutambaChamayi MutambaAcum 3 luni
  • 1 37 Milk and JJ OP

    Royal BrawlerRoyal BrawlerAcum 3 luni
  • Matthew 3:2

    WavyyWavyyAcum 3 luni
  • Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon

    WavyyWavyyAcum 3 luni
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    Omar MotiOmar MotiAcum 3 luni
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    Mohammed UsmaanMohammed UsmaanAcum 3 luni
    • Shameless plug

      A M LlowA M LlowAcum 2 luni
  • It wolfie 3 seconds to win an impostor round with a 0 second cool down

    Lucas GjeloshajLucas GjeloshajAcum 3 luni
  • i love these videos

    tia bryantia bryanAcum 3 luni
  • JJ always gets voted off for no reason :(

    TobyTubeTobyTubeAcum 3 luni
  • What did he say at the beginning?

    llxwisllxwisAcum 3 luni
  • jj just vent

    Tf TTVZeckersTf TTVZeckersAcum 3 luni
  • i hate how he kills someone and then just stands there

    Joshua ClarkeJoshua ClarkeAcum 3 luni
    • Same he needs to vent

      TobyTubeTobyTubeAcum 3 luni
  • Ur suck in among us

    • Yes but it's strangely entertaining

      A M LlowA M LlowAcum 2 luni
    • True

      TobyTubeTobyTubeAcum 3 luni
  • Who just named him self mural to try to troll JJ

    PotatoPotatoAcum 3 luni
    • lol

      TobyTubeTobyTubeAcum 3 luni
    • Tobi

      TobyTubeTobyTubeAcum 3 luni
    • Tobi

      Alfie HarringtonAlfie HarringtonAcum 3 luni
  • why is jj always being bullied?

    Nathaniel PeaseNathaniel PeaseAcum 3 luni
  • If you didn't know i win in 15sec

    Spicy Leaf MatrixSpicy Leaf MatrixAcum 3 luni
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    Gage AnthonyGage AnthonyAcum 3 luni
  • Well, not really cuz I played a match where I killed every time my killcooldown just got o er bcos it was the right time and me and my partner finished without a single meeting

    DrFishStickDrFishStickAcum 3 luni
  • If JJ would have voted ellum (e would still be in the game

    Nafisa AdanNafisa AdanAcum 3 luni
  • I lost it when JJ exposed Will 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Yuga TharkudeYuga TharkudeAcum 3 luni
  • *G A R G L E W A R T S*

    DJ DanielDJ DanielAcum 3 luni
  • Randulle in norwegian won in under a minute

    grim gamer Hoffgrim gamer HoffAcum 3 luni
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    barto bartobarto bartoAcum 3 luni
  • .

    RheBeatsRheBeatsAcum 3 luni
  • JJ everyone always votes you because your always the imposter

    Pete WelchPete WelchAcum 3 luni
  • .

    Bilal khanBilal khanAcum 3 luni
  • They make the game not funny for jj cuz everyone is sus but him and he gets voted out like tf

    Graysen ColebutGraysen ColebutAcum 3 luni
  • 0:00 did he just say goggleborts?

    ExerExerAcum 3 luni
  • My was faster ( no hate

    MistyYTMistyYTAcum 3 luni
  • JJ + Milk as impostors= Danger for everyone else playing. That was the most awesome jaw dropping game ive ever seen JJ do.

    Emmanuel SarpongEmmanuel SarpongAcum 3 luni
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    greg hosfeldgreg hosfeldAcum 3 luni
  • jj and milk are the sick they won a game under 2 min that is the best impostor duo ever

    Sigils RobloxSigils RobloxAcum 3 luni
  • Hehe boi

    Shania DecampShania DecampAcum 4 luni
  • JJ you are a tw at mate

    kcwflarekcwflareAcum 4 luni
    • Poor will XD

      kcwflarekcwflareAcum 4 luni
  • F In the chat

    Christian RamosChristian RamosAcum 4 luni

    Mahir AhmedMahir AhmedAcum 4 luni
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    FoxCopsFoxCopsAcum 4 luni
  • JJ playing among us is a lot of the time boring because it’s him getting voted out all the time

    Nathan SpencerNathan SpencerAcum 4 luni
  • I won alone as a imposter in a minute

    Mrbeast 6000Mrbeast 6000Acum 4 luni
  • KSI

    Ing Chivorn MoniIng Chivorn MoniAcum 4 luni
  • Next Time don't sus your own teammate when your impostor

    DouglasWard2007DouglasWard2007Acum 4 luni
  • I hate when jj is right abt whos the impostor but ppl dont believe him

    Ninjacat159Ninjacat159Acum 4 luni
  • You know you are rich when you dont put the video over 10 minutes🤔

    Viljami NieminenViljami NieminenAcum 4 luni
  • Rae has the fastest imposter win currently. Her and Dr Lupo won in 44 seconds.

    Matt ConnorsMatt ConnorsAcum 4 luni
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    Luis BelLuis BelAcum 4 luni
  • The fact that JJ lingers around the body he killed always stresses me out

    Cyrill AnicocheCyrill AnicocheAcum 4 luni
  • 3:24

    Enoch KiboinoEnoch KiboinoAcum 4 luni
  • Omg I have played with white befor

    Alyeditzz zAlyeditzz zAcum 4 luni
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    Matt PerezMatt PerezAcum 4 luni
  • I am still puzzled how you got among us mixed up with gogel box by the wat I always watch it:)

    Paddy and MaggiePaddy and MaggieAcum 4 luni
  • lol

    Meso OnyeukwuMeso OnyeukwuAcum 4 luni
  • F the other people

    herberto barrosherberto barrosAcum 4 luni